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The rewards have been updated as well: - Abyss Rewards : Lv. Get your wing, tail, and decal and transform into Gerrant himself! Join the flight crew of an airship with the new rare-grade costumes available in the Dragon Vault! The Silver Hunter has a special costume available as well. Machina gets some new hair and face styles, and your Little Winnie ally is ready for school!

Divinitor | Blog - NA 5/10/18 - Hidden Changes Patch NA (Updated 5/17/18)

New items are also available in the Dragon Egg. Guild members can use Guild Points to activate this new feature. Once activated, guild members ranked officer level and above can give Guild Points to the Sealed Guild Stone Tablet to fill up its meter. You can also earn yourself some nice gear! This event can be repeated on each character, so that all of your characters get geared up!

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Make sure to log in with one of your characters every day so that your character gets rewarded! Each day during the event period, stay logged in for 5 minutes to receive a GM Heart. Continue to stay logged in for 10 minutes to receive another GM Heart. You can repeat this event on each character. She will happily take them off your hands in exchange for some special costumes!

These items are untradeable. There is no limit to the amount of reward items you can receive.

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Set Bonuses - Equip two pieces to increase Critical. The main skill cooldowns have been changed per point — PVE: 0. Cooldown has been changed to 1 second PVP. Additional damage amount has been increased. Tempest - Hurricane Dance: Damage has been increased. Windwalker - Rising Storm: Damage has been increased. Ice Magic Attack increase will be maintained while Ice Barrier is active. Damage has been increased. The Jump key can now be used for summoning. Blade Dancer - Squall Spin: Damage has been increased. Spirit Dancer - Sting: Damage has been increased.

Damage has been decreased. Reduces cooldown of skill by 1 second on every point increase after obtaining skill PVE. Cooldown of 20 seconds still remains in PVP. Reaper - Arsonist: Cooldown has been changed to 10 seconds and duration has been increased to 60 seconds PVE. Invincibility has been added while the skill is active PVE. Wave Time has been shortened. Bug Fixes - Various texts have been updated.

It can be found by clicking on the Parchment Icon in the lower right or by opening the Event window. Achievement points have been adjusted because of this change. If an Attendance Event is active, your next Attendance reward is displayed. All mercenaries yet to be obtained now have inactive icons present. Mercenaries can also be unequipped from the window. The grade has been replaced with the three stars. The color of the star determines your rank in the dungeon. An 8-player reward screen has been added to 8-player nests. The functionality has not changed.

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The Revive Count has been increased to 5. The message for a successful Dragon Gem Enhancement has been removed. Prophet Gears have replaced the Felis Gears. Complete Patch Notes — Twisted Territory. Read all about the latest update arriving on March Visit the new Twisted Territory to take on fierce bosses and complete additional story quests! The Dragon Vault will also be updated with new goodies!

Just as the name suggests, this place is full of twists and turns. There are six new dungeons. Enter the Twisted Fountain or Decaying Grounds dungeons, and from either of those you can then continue on to a random Lost Dominion dungeon! Take friends, or go solo. Either way you will have a wickedly warped grand old time! In addition, you can continue the main storyline with new Apocrypha 5 quests available for Lv. Step foot into the Twisted Territory and uncover a potential new threat to your friends and their beloved Merka! To twist and turn, click here.

Gather your weapons on your way to a complete Gerrant transformation. Dark Banquet Hall Are you ready to test your worth? Enter the Dark Banquet Hall, and navigate your way through all 11 stages! But be prepared—tough bosses await you at three of the stages! See how far you can go in order to get the best prizes. If you get all three, you can also earn a Starry Ram Mount.

Loffy's Dicey Dungeon Last month there was an issue that caused this event to end early. As a result, we are re-running the event this month! Starting on Saturday, March 19, you can venture forth with Loffy as you help him find his secret treasure room! Known Issues - Lv. Read all about the latest update arriving on February Venture forth with Loffy as you help him find his secret treasure room! To search for treasure, click here. Pick up rare-grade costumes to acquire the grace of Gerrant for yourself.

New synthesis costumes are also available, as well as an update to items in the Dragon Egg. Get the first item on your way to a complete Gerrant transformation. You can also earn achievements for beating the various AI classes. Once inside, take on five other players as you brawl against each other to see who can earn the most kills within the ten-minute time limit!

Note that you cannot be in a party to enter; you can only enter solo. But beware… hordes of monsters appear as well, and they will try to take you out. If you die, you will respawn in the battlefield. If you die three times, you will respawn with a buff that lets you deal out increased damage! You need to be quick and deadly to take out monsters and acquire their items before someone else does.

Get your hands on items such as an Unlimited Wellspring that grants increases to Strength, Agility, and Physical Damage! Achievement Changes - Unlimited Battlefield achievements have been added. Complete Patch Notes — Daidalos Nest. Read all about the latest update arriving on January Embrace your inner childhood and take on the dark creatures in Daidalos Nest! Check out the new mercenary system, a guild update, and other new systems. The mad architect Daidalos seeks to claim his place in history by trapping players within his labyrinth…forever!

Can you escape the demented doctor and his toy-like monsters? To navigate the labyrinth, click here. Dragon Vault Update Get ready to go out of this world! Then crack open a Dragon Egg, and see if you can find a UFO mount, a cloud spirit, and the gorgeous Blinding Constellation wing, tail, and decal set! Now you can send out brave mercenaries to explore the frontier for you!

Divinitor | Blog - NA 5/10/18 - Hidden Changes Patch NA (Updated 5/17/18)

These mercs can complete exploration objectives on your behalf, and help you earn the riches that once graced the royals of Val Astrum. Choose a total of 3 mercenaries; either ones you own or ones that you can rent. Wait out the timer to receive your reward. The longer and more difficult the mission, the better chance of receiving awesome rewards!

Guild Update The guild system has been updated to make it easier to use and level your guild! Guild Points are automatically added to the guild after clearing dungeons, nests and completing guild achievements. Guild member contribution can also now be seen in the Guild window. Guild Rewards have been streamlined so that the rewards can be viewed more easily.

Additional information : - The amount of points required to max out a Guild Level has been reduced. The following new Guild Rewards have been added. However, the materials needed for each enhancement must be extracted from other Lv. Stats that pertain to the Dragon Gem will be upgraded when enhancing the gem. Keep enhancing to find out the max level of the Dragon Gem!

Hero System After reaching the max level of Lv. This new Hero System allows you to continue leveling by an additional 50 levels! By continuing to level up, your stats and damage increase, making you stronger and ready to take on end-game content. This system is shared between all characters on a single account.

There are limits as to how many levels you can earn on your characters, and there is a total limit to the amount of Hero EXP that your account can earn each week. Damage Counter You will now be able to see how much damage you and or your party does in a single dungeon or nest run! This information disappears when you log off.

Bug Fixes - The Dark Avenger quest can be completed. Open your map and click on an NPC or portal to travel there instantly. I bough 50 boxes and got the permanent agathion joy which is all I wanted free teleports! Jason Davis 26 days ago. Exchanged weapons cannot be enchanted, exchanged, or dropped. The Timed Weapon Exchange Coupon is untradable. Learn new skills and upgrade your class to the next tier for the ultimate hunting experience. Anthony Lee 17 days ago. PST to receive the pack on launch day. Ronald Martinez 16 days ago. From Lineage 2 Encyclopaedia.

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Dragon nest wish exchange coupon Dragon Nest Europe. Tail coupon dragon nest sea. William Taylor 7 days ago. I honestly would not mind them having no stats at all since many old weapons especially the immortal weapons for me still look awesome! Ronald Hall 7 days ago. Yes to Epic Weapon Coupons. Christopher Robinson 28 days ago. From helping us gather reviews to reporting them internally and so many other things. I rely on it. The team behind Grade. Always working to improve the software and communicating it ….

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