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My favorite cash back service. After reading other reviews, I am having the same experience. They told me that when I placed my order, the offer was expired which was not!! So they credited the cash back to me. The cash back takes months to sent to you and I realized if you totally forgot about it it may just disappear in your account and never receive the cash back!!! My husband said he was a little disappointed about how long cashback was taking, he was just expressing his feelings in a survey from them. The representative said, sorry you are unhappy, we can give you the cash back and then close your account.

The small percentages of cash back does work. The larger member exclusive offers never work though. Seems like those are advertised just to hook you. I am pretty new to CouponCabin but so far I love it! I look forward to many more times using this site! I wish apple store had negative or at least zero star because giving a one star to an app that traps you and steal your money is way more than enough. Please read all CouponCabin reviews before you get into their trap. They closed and cancelled all my cashbacks in my account and like all trap websites, there is no phone number to call and their email support is like some auto generated emails that does not even have a signature with full name.

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This is the way they make money. Please spread the world about this website. The app is easy to be used. I love buying book from Thrift Books. An excellent app and a program with a high value. Try These Related Apps! Amazon Local. Coupon Keeper 2. Coupon Sherpa Mobile Coupons. Coupons and Shopping - GeoQpons.

Dealsea - Deals, Coupon Codes. Grocery Coupon Network. Grocery Smarts Coupon Shopper. RetailMeNot Coupons. SnipSnap Coupon App. The Coupons App. Ultimate Coupon App Free. WeUseCoupons Coupon Forum. No matter what you're shopping for, we can find a discount for you. You'll never miss a great deal again! Coupon Cabin Review by cscottt Fantastic app to save money shopping online.

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Downloaded app and now says it needs to update but won't update by Id undo App does t work. Same stores you shop, but with cash back! Favorite cash back program! Best cash back site! Nothing negative to say!

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The real thing for savings!! Love it!! Competition for Rakuten! The best cash back app! Genuine app for cash back by hrocz Using this since from last 2 years. CouponCabin is Impressive! Great app by Click studio Great app for cashback. Account cancelled once I accumulated meaningful balance dud by jojojojore22 Not the only one. Love it by yay!!!! Additionally, due to this flagging, they would no longer allow me to receive my cashback electronically through Paypal, for example and would only send me paper checks.

When I inquired about these problems, all they would tell me was that this problem happened and there was no way to ever resolve it. I had to either accept paper checks from them henceforth or no longer be a member. So, I am left not knowing what this unnatural activity was or whether or not it poses a threat to my network. Further, CouponCabin replied to a review that I posted. At no point prior to my account being closed did I threaten, intimidate, or insult anyone or anything. Did I tell them that their lack of transparency was problematic enough that I was considering whether or not there should be a legal response, yes.

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Did I say that I would take legal action unless they did something, no I did not. This is a company that can not be trusted.

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They also seem to be curtailing the number and amount of the special member offers recently. Found out while I was waiting for an offer that appealed to me only to click to claim it and receive an error message referencing the new lower limit. Major cutbacks. CouponCabin terminated my account on Jan.

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Sydney K. It never was. Upon account termination, no one at CouponCabin would talk with me. I was told to mail a letter to their legal department. After 30 days, I still had not heard back, so I sent an email to their legal department as well as to their customer service department.

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Of course, this is a gross mischaracterization of statements made by me regarding legal action. There was, in fact, only a potential threat of legal action in the event that CouponCabin did not pay me the money owed. This letter, and in particular one that Mr. In neither case did Mr. Cordiano make any mention whatsoever of the money owed to me or my attempts to collect it. In fact, he seemed to feign ignorance of my objective. I'm not sure if Deal Talk is the right forum for this so if not please move it. I wanted to warn other SD'ers about Coupon Cabin.

On the page it did not show as a "limited time offer" when I accepted it. I confirmed by taking a screen shot. I contacted Coupon Cabin and asked for it to be reversed and forfeited. They wouldn't consider the error, the screen shot and simply said no.

I replied I was going to file a report and they closed my account, accused me of being a bully and threatening them. I replied with a much longer, polite message and fully explained the situation thinking maybe they don't realize the issue. I read my message twice and there was no language a child couldn't read. I received a reply simply saying if I use profanity again my account would be closed. Upset I replied and pointed out I never used profanity. It was clear they realized that when I said i was filing a report it wasn't a threat nor was I bullying as i wasn't expecting them to change their mind.

By saying I was profane it was a way to show I was in violation of their Terms. I wrote another long nice email even apologizing for saying if file a report with a fake agency. Yes the agency I named was fake. They simply said they were parting ways and how do I want the cash back. I replied in a check and gave my address.

Today they sent a amazon gift card by email. I kept saying I want to drop this but after being accused of being a bully which I wasn't , threatening them which I didn't , falsely told I'm using profanity, and being sent a gift card verses check I decided to actually file a BBB report and post here. I read their terms of service and they actually violated the terms by cancelling my account for simply saying I'm filing a complaint.

It states I can have an account closed for threatening them in order to gain or be paid which I didn't, use of profanity which I didn't, or fraud which I didn't. Lesson to all of you on SD. Do NOT question any cash back issues nor file a complaint against Coupon Cabin as they will retailiate against you. If anyone thinks I'm not being honest message me and I'll send the messages to you. That way you can see how ridiculous it was. And I know a private company can take this type of action but it is not in the terms of service. They are bound by it as much as I am. Add Comment Reply.

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